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do buck and eddie get together

21 May 2021

They’re both soundly asleep. Is that what the team thinks this is for him? Buck ( Oliver Stark) was in for quite a wake-up call on Monday night's episode of 9-1-1. Pacey and Joey had decided to get back together and give their relationship another chance. Mrs. Carter: Is there ever going to be something more blossoming between Buck and Eddie on 9-1-1 season 3? Tim Minear (the showrunner) also mentioned in an interview that the mid-season finale back in December had a moment where they were mistaken for a couple, which was another acknowledgment. New Amsterdam season 3 episode 12: Did Max and Helen kiss? Visit our, 9-1-1 season 3: Oliver Stark discusses Buck, Eddie relationship, fandom. While both have tried to navigate back to the happy and supportive relationship they once shared, Eddie’s unwillingness to open up to Sarah about his loss of faith has taken its toll and in “A Room Of One’s Own,” all the cards are finally laid on the table. 9-1-1 needs to give them more time together to see how friendship can do wonders for mental health. Series. "Miserable? "We’ve all been less than supportive. Eddie stands up, walks over to Buck, and rests his hands over his shoulders. By visiting this site, you consent to have cookie data stored. Getting them together is just the right move for the two as characters, and also is the perfect teaser in the event that we get a Blue Bloods season 8 for the fall. Buck is beyond his wildest dreams excited about the move, excited about spending more time with his boys, and most of all excited to be starting this new chapter in his life. That he’s just having fun and passing the time with Eddie? Eddie and Christopher’s relationship and their scenes together are always a bright spot, but there’s some real magic when Buck and Christopher get together. Eddie had to drop Christopher off with Eliza anyways. What if everyone is right? The heart eyes Eddie gave Buck when he told him about Carla and how she can help Chris. No one here would judge you for reconsidering, maybe taking some more time to think it through?”. ", i love to write and occasionally draw. We’ve heard the question asked to producers and cast members on ‘Buddie” many a time, but there’s no clear answer one way or another as to what’s going to happen. If you look around the internet, there’s clearly a great deal of support for the idea of the two of them together. What if he reverts back to his old immature self and what if he’s not enough for Eddie? And Eddie misses every little thing about Buck when they’re not together. He lets himself be pulled in the rest of the way. Us and moving in together. Officially.” Eddie takes his boyfriends’ hands into his and squeezes. I love you. Buck left [home] to make sure he was at Eddie's end of probation ceremony. Next, Maddie tried to help Buck get ready for a ceremony to mark Eddie officially joining the firefighter force. “I’ll buy the beers,” Chimney bargained, “Ready to get married, husband,” Buck slapped Eddie on the shoulder. Eddie opens the door and leans in to kiss Buck one more time before stepping out. Nice going, Jamie! Eddie acted very jealous when the reporter was at the station and flirted with Buck. He’s been so ecstatic about this move, and today he came home miserable, doubting himself because of what you said.“, Bobby looks suitably chastised. Instead he’s gotten comments like: “Eh, I give it two weeks tops.” And, “Moving kinda fast, huh?” Or, “I never thought I’d see the day.” and so on. What if he and Christopher hate living with Buck? 11. “Oh my god!” Hen exclaimed before getting up. Bucks eyelashes flutter and his heart stutters for a beat. “Listen, I just wanted to say, you’re still young, and sometimes we rush into things without thinking them through entirely and–”, Buck tilts his head. I think we should all go and apologize. Eddie sits up, concern and confusion knitting his brows together. Yet, today series star Oliver Stark did something that I don’t often see for actors on any television show — address the subject matter of a ‘ship head-on. Big Sky season 2 premiere date hopes: When will it return? It could be a good bit longer on anything Buck/Eddie. This thread is archived. It’s kind of a big decision and I don’t want to rush you into anything–”. “Oh yeah, everything’s great–except for the fact that apparently my boyfriend needs to reconsider moving in with me?”, Bobby raises his hands in a placating motion. Eddie took Buck with him and Chris to the santa. “Yeah, yeah we are, Hen.” There are twelve episodes that have been filmed so far for season 3, so that’s as far as he knows in terms of the overall direction to the show. Refresh for another quote Peddie (P/atricia and Eddie) is the romantic pairing of Eddie MillerandPatricia Williamson.The two hated each other a lot in the beginning. Delilah and Eddie seemed like a natural, if adulterous, pairing for this show's best couple, but right now Katherine and Eddie might be getting back together on A Million Little Things. Advertisement. I feel awful, guys.” She looks at her watch. They grab the kids and head to the courthouse and Athena and Bobby get married. Only the light in the hall is on by the time Eddie gets home with three other firefighters in tow. Until next time. Four months into his job as a firefighter at the Los Angeles Fire Department, Buck continually takes advantage of his role as a firefighter in order to impress women, even going as far as using the fire truck to make a point to a girl. How had he not seen that before? In the living room, on the couch, Buck is sat half slouched with Christopher laying on top of him, head against his chest. It makes sense that they wouldn’t think he’d be serious about this relationship–when he’s rarely been in the past. After the smooch, however, the moment turned slightly awkward when the youngest Reagan sibling said, "You should get inside. “Shift ends in five. They spotted her, sitting at a table with Karen. “Buck we talked about this. However, they eventually realized that they actually really liked each other and began dating. Buck can feel the heat rising up from his neck to his ears. You look pale—well, more pale than usual.” Eddie jokes lightly, putting down the book he’s been reading. Me and Ryan send them to each other all the time. 08. Seeing Buck like this, with Christopher, it makes Bobby feel that much more ashamed for his unnecessary little talk earlier in the day. “We’ll be back tomorrow. In a new post on Twitter, Stark explained where he stood on the subject of the ‘ship, noting that he supports the love and support from the fandom but also that he doesn’t know where the story is going to go. “Christopher’s asleep. Next: 101 TV shows to watch before you die What do you think of the bromance between Eddie and Buck? “But most especially yours, Cap. But then Eddie … currently obsessed w/ 9-1-1, 9-1-1 lonestar & prodigal son! The couple talked as they got ready for the camping trip. Love you.”. during a ‘vulnerable’ moment. They are the best of friends. “Hey, what’s wrong? Eddie dared at peak at Buck, who looked back at him. 09. Buck knows he’s being sensitive about this whole thing. It’s nothing to do with you.”, “After all this time, is that really what you think of him? Hahaha I laughed when I … "On second thought, maybe midnight was a little ambitious for an apology.” Eddie mutters. 12. Even though it feels as if he just sent the equivalent of a raging storm over to the 118, it also feels nice to know that Eddie cares that much. 9-1-1 came to an end on Monday, May 11, but not without a pretty heartbreaking reunion between Buck ( Oliver Stark) and Abby ( Connie Britton ). “You two...you two are together!” Buck and Eddie could only laugh. Except that on his way to Eddies–or rather, what is soon to be his home–Captain Nash stops him as he’s leaving the firehouse. “You got a minute?” he asks. This feels good and special and nice, and sometimes that’s all you really need. The internet has taken a liking to the Buck/Eddie pairing, even though the show hasn't explicitly gone down that road. Maddie and I teased him about the big move last week at dinner. You get what I mean, right? “Your toothbrush is in the bathroom, your hair gel, your shampoo and conditioner, your body wash, all of it’s in there; all your favorite foods are in the fridge and in the pantry, also all your clothes are in my closet, your underwear are in my drawers–and it’s not just stuff. “Eddie, that is not what I meant. "You are committed. ", Eddie leans in, slowly closing the distance between them. The both of you. Buck, what are you talking about?”, “You know, us. “Buck cares a hell of a lot what you all think of him. Buck had just finished a twenty four hour shift, after all. He knows this. “Before you joined the team I was this wild, immature kid who never really thought with the right head, if you get what I’m saying? It reminds him of the time that guy online had been using his photo and name to date women on the internet. ", Eddie nods, leading everyone back out quietly. They announced about a week ago that they’re moving in together–a decision they came to after dating for the past seven months. But, at the end of Season 5, before the flash forward finale, Eddie came back. Buck doesn't correct her. “Uh, yeah, no, I know what you’re saying. “Buck, my abuela calls the landline looking for you more often than she does to talk to me, you drop and pick Christopher up from school so much his teacher invited you to the next parent teacher conference next week. "I’m holding you to that. It’s dumb.”, “What comments? That wasn’t my intention at all–I just, sometimes I’ll admit I still see him as my ki–a kid–” he corrects himself last second, “I should know better. “T.K.’ s in quite a vulnerable place, and I bring him … Only instead of ‘if you hurt him you’re toast’ it’s more like ‘don’t even bother trying’. In Season 2, a man assumed Buck and Eddie were a couple, in what executive producer Tim Minear would tell TVLine was an intentional joke as a nod … on Ao3 as datleggy. Buck is left standing at the doorway, a crooked smile on his face. I will, don’t worry.” he rushes out of the station after that, unable to look at Bobby in the eye. I know you two have been dating for a few months, and you’re having fun, but I need you to understand that Eddie has a child, and when you move in you’re making a big impact on that kids’ life, it’s not just about you and it’s not just about Eddie anymore. So they do! They didn't really confirm it, more or less acknowledged it. Really. I want you to move in. “Now, tell me what’s really wrong.”, Buck chews on his lip anxiously. this is short and very cheesyyyyyyyyyy i hope u like it anyway! After a night out on the town, gentleman Jamie walked Eddie back to her apartment on "Secret Arrangements." Prompt: Eddie and Buck are together and Buck has never felt as serious or as committed as he does once he and Eddie get together. Relieved. ", Eddie shrugs. I didn’t realize my opinion meant so much to him.”, “Of course,” Eddie shakes his head. When is 9-1-1 returning to Fox with all-new episodes? “What? Yet, like with many other ‘ships, there is no guarantee that the two will ever get together. Big Brother Canada 9 interview: Winner Tychon Carter-Newman speaks. If it stays platonic, that’s also something that he will continue to engage in. Buck helps out T.K. "Only if it’s not too late. “It’s nothing, really. On if he’s seen the fan videos that show Buck and Eddie, essentially, as a couple “Oh, absolutely! Buck can be impulsive sometimes, I don’t want him to end up hurting you or Christopher because of it, that’s all. I let all these little comments get to me, and then Bobby’s weird shovel talk made me feel some type of way, I guess. “I’m just gonna’ go have a chat with Bobby, that’s all.” He says, putting his keys in his back pocket. Is this what it feels like to get the shovel talk from your prom dates dad? If you want to get some spoilers on what’s coming up on Blue Bloods this season, head over to the link here. I really hope that Buck and Christopher will make it out of the tsumani safe so that they can be back together with Eddie by the end of tonight's episode. If it stays platonic, that’s also something that he will continue to engage in. Buck was busy examining the man for further injuries. Eddie responded with a nod. https://tvline.com/2019/12/04/911-buck-eddie-relationship-oliver-stark-buddie No, their eyes were on Buck and Eddie’s hands. They both looked shocked, but not because they saw Eddie and Buck. Here, sit.” he gently leads his boyfriend into the living room so they can have this conversation more comfortably. “I am. That were very clearly intertwined. Sarah and Eddie’s marriage has been on the rocks all season. “Do you think we’re moving too fast?” Buck blurts out, before he can chicken out. He’s had a long week. And I’m sorry, did you say Cap gave you the shovel talk?”, Buck shrugs, looking away. Charlotte’s Web is loosely held in one of Buck’s hands, almost falling off the couch. if they get together - I'm happy and if they dont - I'm still happy, as long as they're still great friends at the end of it because they work well together regardless. Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders as Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your … "And I love you.". Plus i'm holding out hope that Buck and Eddie will eventually get to be together. PROMPTS CLOSED ATM, Prompt: Eddie and Buck are together and Buck has never felt as serious or as committed as he does once he and Eddie get together. And last month when you had to go back to your apartment for a whole week because your moronic upstairs neighbor flooded your bathroom Christopher and I were miserable here without you. I think they act like how any two really close friends do but you can also definitely see the parallels between them. He claps Eddie’s shoulder lightly. Buck sighs. Part 2 of i watched it begin again; Language: English Words: 1,792 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 6 … ", Bobby grimaces. Is Katheryn Winnick leaving Big Sky after season 1 finale shocker? Things go bump in the night during this week’s episode of 9-1-1, but ghosts aren’t the only thing the first responders are facing in “Haunted.”. a short blurb i wrote that details the very first conversation buck and eddie have about the possibility of them getting together, plus eddie's conversation with christopher about it . The writers need to do … — Oliver Stark (@oliverstarkk) December 4, 2019, All content copyright 2011-2021 CarterMatt.com, This site uses cookies to track and store data. ", Hen nods. Chimney was riding with Bobby while Buck and Eddie were driving together. What if Eddie decides he doesn’t need him in their lives, after all? But I don’t want to.". As they said goodnight, they both leaned in for a kiss! About 10 minutes later, they hop out and handed the gurney off. That is so cute buck and Eddie head titled at the same time #911onFox #buddie makebuddiehappen Buck and Eddie drink alone together In bucks apartment I am dying There is a lot of chemistry there, and there’s definitely a lot of attention. He was shocked, but it was in Buck’s nature to quickly adapt, and Eddie knew that he’d get on board with the idea if someone said even one more time that it was a good idea. Related News – When is 9-1-1 returning to Fox with all-new episodes? In the end, it does seem as though Stark is open to playing a Buck – Eddie relationship if the writers ever go that direction with it. "I’ll be back.” He gets up from the couch and grabs his jacket off the hook by the door. Abby and his team had all been pretty skeptical over his claims of innocence back then. 6. level 1. sandrakarr. I’m sure Christopher’s asleep by now; I wouldn’t want to intrude so late at night. Maddie told him people will still love him if he isn't a firefighter. We should let him get some rest. Leftovers from dinner are still warm in the oven, I’ll be back in a bit. He had really been hoping the 118–his family–would also be thrilled about the new development. And it’s fine. So he tries his best to ignore the ribbing; it’ll pass soon enough, he just needs to wait it out and stop being a baby. It's late." Is it too soon? Buck was standing right behind his freind and tapped him on the arm as a signal to head out. "I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things to him.”, Chim sighs, scratching the back of his neck. But the doctor wanted him to wait. “Um, what are you talking about?”, Bobby sighs. Eddie wraps his arms around his waist, kissing him softly on the mouth, and Buck can feel Eddies warm breathe on his face as he pulls away. And so, I get why they think that maybe I’m still that same guy, who hops around  from person to person, and can’t commit. I don’t even have to ask you to know it.” Eddie says fiercely. While he was working Eddie continued working as well, but was stealing glances at him every few minutes. “It’s about you moving in with Eddie. 10. Be sure to share right now in the comments, and be sure to stick around for some other news. He doesn’t have any control of the story, but the writers certainly know where a lot of the enthusiasm lies on the internet. Buck and Eddie had to keep apart after Buck filed his lawsuit that meant he had to remain separate from his friends at Station 118, and keeping separate from Eddie … That’s the word Bobby used, he said if I wasn’t a hundred percent committed to this, to you and to Christopher, that I should reconsider. With that in mind, it’s going to be a while before answers are delivered on some stories. He tries to brush it off and pretend not to be phased by the remarks his team makes regarding his relationship with Eddie. This article was written by Jessica Carter. The blanket on the couch—crumpled, because Buck was probably snuggled under it before leaving—beckons, and Eddie crawls under it and pulls it up to his chin. You need to be one hundred percent sure, one hundred percent committed, before taking such a big step. ", Bobby looks to Eddie. He told her his doctor wants to do another surgery, and he wants it as soon as possible so he could go back to being a firefighter. And honestly, this whole moving in thing is more a formality than anything–in case you haven’t noticed you’ve been basically living here for the past two months. “Just, you know,” he clears his throat awkwardly. They’re just joking. How Buck helped Eddie out when he struggled to find a way to help Chris while he is out working. He doesn’t have any control of the story, but the writers certainly know where a lot of the enthusiasm lies on the internet. “I have never been more sure of anything, Buck. “Hey, look at me, breathe; you gotta’ calm down and then we can talk about this super sudden change of heart you’re having? "Never too late to say sorry.". In the end, it does seem as though Stark is open to playing a Buck – Eddie relationship if the writers ever go that direction with it. (Photo: Fox.). Eddie shakes his head. Mistaken for Gay: When Buck tags along with Eddie so Christopher can get a picture with Santa, one of the elf workers tells Buck that he and Eddie have an adorable son. By the time he makes it home–to Eddie’s–Buck is spiraling with crippling self doubt. Buck is making a way bigger deal out of it than he should be. Whether or not that translates into the show itself, however, still remains to be seen. Buck breathes out. But the rest of the group doubt his seriousness/ability to be with Eddie only because of Buck’s previous wild ways and they continue to make side comments about it, until Buck starts doubting himself and wondering if Eddie deserves better which infuriated Eddie when he sees how horrible it has made Buck feel. Buck is ready. Hen and Chim, who are fighting over a video game, pause it when the younger man stomps inside. Get a room, y'all! You know damn well how much he values your opinion–all of your opinions–” he says, pointing at Hen and Chim, too. Bobby looks up, surprised to see Eddie–who was off today–at the station so late at night. But it’s not like Buck hasn’t given them enough ammunition over time. Because I get it if you need more time, to like, think about it and stuff. “Yeah, Cap isn’t the only one. I’ve never wanted anything more. He also noted that he doesn’t often retweet messages about the ‘ship out of fear of causing false hope among many fans out there. Christopher must have woken up some time after he left. For now, 9-1-1 is in the earliest stages of a long hiatus. “I’m sorry, I know I’m freaking out, it’s just…”, “I’m happy with you, with you and Christopher, and I just really don’t want you to regret this next step we’re taking, if this is too fast for you or for Christopher.“. After saving a 911 caller known as Jesse, he proceeds to have sex with her on … Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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